What Is The Arbalo Solution?

The Arbalo cloud service broker brings order to the chaotic, insecure and uncontrolled usage of cloud services. It solves the problem of Shadow IT. It enables the usage of cloud services with full control, securely and quickly. This is how cloud services can become real building blocks within your application. And that is what enables you to build your solutions faster and cheaper.


The Problem

Software is everywhere today and its importance is still growing. Modern software development breaks the systems into pieces that are implemented as reusable services. IT organizations are more and more using third party services from the cloud.

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Cloud Service Broker

Cloud service brokers bring order into this chaos. This cloud role was defined by NIST* in 2011: An entity that manages the use, performance and delivery of cloud services, and negotiates relationships between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers.

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The Arbalo difference

Arbalo is also providing consultancy and a service dictionary as many other cloud brokers do. Additionally, Arbalo operates its own runtime platform for the services. This has many benefits for our customers.

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The Usage

After your one-time registration, you may open additional projects on Arbalo and invite additional users into your projects. You then can select suitable services from Arbalo's service catalog and provision (=install) the service with a simple click.

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